Priyanka Chopra Sex Fantasy Story
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Heart  Priyanka Chopra Sex Fantasy Story
Priyanka chopra was very frustutaed after being ignored at EID party by GAURI KHAN.. she was thinking of taking a revenge on gauri khan for that. she was thinking too much about this.. and it was giving priyanka headache. uske baad priyanka chopra ko kuch samajh me nahi aa raha tha ki woh kya kare. usne beer ki bottle uthai aur poori pi li ab use hosh nahi tha. wo apan gadi drive karke waha se jane lagi. she was driving like a drunk person. but abhi kuch km jane ke baad useke upar nasha aur jyada jadhne laga tha kyonki usne bahut jyada daroo pi rakhi thi ek sunsan mod par achanak she lost her balance and struck with a tree. car was moving slowly tats why there was not too much demage. but she became unconscious in her car. i was also driving nearby when i saw her car banging with tree. i approached toward her car it was too dark thats why i was not able to recognise her at that time.
i took her in my arms and try to cary her to my car so that i can took her to hospital if it was needed but she was okay. suddenly woh hosh me a gayi or badbadani lagi "tum apane aap ko samajhti kya ho ? tum jasie badsurat ladki ke sath kaise sharukh nibha raha hain, u ugly bitch" i was shocked by her these comments, soon i took my flashlite and was checking for wounds on her forehead but as i put light on her face i was shocked . oh my god its priyanka chopra in my arms, drunk and semi conscious . it is my lucky day today, electricity was running through my body and soon reached to my tool and my brain. i examined her for injuries, there were no injuries to her body . soon i controlled her put her in car and took her to my home. within 1 hour of driving i was at my home i was sitting on chair and put her on my bed and i was not able to move my eyes from her face. it was so beautifull. i was thinking that why she was uttering those words what might have happned with her. firslty i was hisitating to explore her body completly but now i thought i should explore her for other injuries in other parts of her body. i started looking towards her forhead , i touched it it was warm and then i came a bit closer to just feel her breathe, she was breathing heavily i moved a bit ahead and try to smell her lips. they wer just inviting me kiss them . but somehow i controlled myself. as the innocent person inside me was stoping me to use her. but my manhood was pressuiring me too kiss her. but i removed my face away from her .. suddenly her hand came on my back. she was trying to hug me . was saying darling you love me na. kya tum mujhse pyar nahi karte ho, ond oh my god she hugged me completly.i she put her lips on my lips and kissed me. her eyes were still closed. and the innocent person inside me was gone. now i started enjoying her kiss. but suddenly she came to her senses. and just thrown me away from her body. and she was saying. who the hell are you an what are you sorry i doing here. i told her cool down your car meet a accident and i took you here as you was unconcious there. .priyanka said. woh to theek hain but tum mujhe kiss kyo kar rahe the, i told her i wasnot kissing you i was just examinig you for injuries and suddenly you just started kissing me.
priyanka said oh my god how silly i am, i was dreaming him ... uhh. she was about to say someone name but she just stopped. i shouted SHAHID you was dreaming about shahid na. she told no. my whole life is an open book ek chapter main apane pass rakti hoon. she just laughed. inface we both laughed at that. and then she asked me can you please make a coffee for me i said yes. i tol her there is tv and computer you can listen music or whatevr till i prepare coffee for you. OKey she said to me.
i was in kitchen and prepared cofee for her, i was a big fan of priyanka chopra and that why i almost have everything acording to her taste. while i was busy in making cofee priyanka turned the computer in. her very cute pic was as a background for dispaly . she said hmm he is a big fan of me.
i handled her the cofee. she asked me are u a huge fan of me. i said yeah infact i love you my priyanka. she said thnks for the cofee. i said thaks for the kiss you gave me. and we both laughed once again

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RE: Priyanka Chopra Sex Fantasy Story
she asked me did you really enjoyed the kiss, i said i should ask you the same question, she didnot replied but i know taht she was enjoying me at that time. to my sudden surprise she asked me did you have ever fantasied me ?? i wasnot expecting such type of question from her. but i kept cool, i said to her . kyamujhe dekhar apko esa lagta hain, she said dekhne me to aap kafi innocent lagte ho! then i broke her belief i said yes i had fantasied you sevral times, she didnot said anything and just took a sip of the cofee, after drinking the coffie i told her to take a shower . and she went there to take the shower.
i was still awake jub ppriyanka chopra samne ho to phir neend kaise.she came back and this time she was looking more beautiful. she was wearing the towel only. i asked her oh how silly i am here are no clothes for you . well i gave her dress of my sister to her she was not at home actulayy no one was at home all were out to my brothers home i was also going there but due to the accident my all plans were changed.
she took the clothes and came again after changing them. i was still in control of inocence . a beauty queen was in front of me. all wet. and i was behaving like a kid.
priyanka broke the silence and came to me she asked me do you think that i am sexy. i was surprised . what? she said i want to fullfill your dream today. i said what are saying mam, i was still in shock, she told me donot try to be innocent i know you have a one side crush on me. i said yeas its true but how can you make my dream true. she pointed toward my computer screen there was a note written on my display background "my dream is to fuck priyanka chopra" actually my computer was just crashed last time and i forget to delete that note there. i was shocked what will happen next either she is ging to kill me or was going to really fullfill my dream. i was thinking how she killed 6 people in her movie. but to my surprise she laughed loudly. ha ha ha you are really an innocent person fear could be clearly seen on your face. i really want to reward you to save my life .
on listning these words from her mouth i was relaxed and full of sensation also. now a new chapter is going to open in my life. or i am going o be inlucleded in chapter of priynakha chopra's life.
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RE: Priyanka Chopra Sex Fantasy Story
after getting so much support and positive signs i also became a little bold. i took a deep breath and told her that she is my favorite actress and if could make my dream come true then i will be the happiest men and after that i will never desire anyone. she smiled and said so sweet of you. her smile was a little devil and her eyes was inviting. i also replied her with my smile and told her that its very late or say early in the morining if you wnt to take some rest please sleep or take a nap. she said yeah i want to take some rest as the hangover is killing me. okay i said
she just fell on bed and within moments she was snoring. i also come out of the room and move in the washroom. i thought i should also take a bath. i removed my clothes and when i moved my underwear i saw it was wet. may be due to hugs and kisses by priyanka some precum fluid came out. this give a electric sensation in my mind. i take a bath and came out . i placed a chair near her bed and was watching priyanka,s cute face her face was looking ver beautifull to me. and i was thinking is priyanka is going to have it with me or was just having fun with me.. i didn't know when i fell asleep in that chair thinking about her.
sudeenly i fell of the chair it was almost 2 hours after she felt asleep , and when i fell from chair she just woke up. and asked me what happned. i replied nothing i just fall down from the chair, OH priyanka said why you are sitting in chair come and sleep here and she made some place for me o the bed, i reminded me of the scene from ANJANA ANJANI when she just clear some space on bed for RANBIR kapoor, poor girl i thought there were enough rooms in my home and she was allowing me to her bed. i was thinking or she was started trusting me. but that was not a matter at all.
now priyanka chopra broke the silence . and said hey baby i am here and we just canot make this night a boring night for you. and we just cannot pass this night as a ordinary night, i want to make it a special memory for you. okay i asked how?? hmm its not that i have not made love but i allways have dark fantasies she told me. and priyanka then asked me do you also have some fantasy, i just said my dream is priyanka chopra and its you the only desire for me. So you are a loyal fan to me yes i am i replied her. i suddenly realise she was creating a soft corner for me and now i should proceed further, i asked her did she ever thought she will became miss world and then a bollywood actress , at this she replied my whole life is a open book and i have answered such question already many time and please donot ask questions like a news reporter ask me straightly what you want to ask me, then i was little shocked but was impressed by her intelligence and frankness, she just take my hand in her hand and then she said came a little forward to my face and i closed my eyes thinking she is going to kiss me but she just whispred in my ears tonight i am all yours and you can do what ever with me. i opened my eyed and look ate her face . are you serious i asked her , yes my dear and she give me a kiss on my forehead.
oh god you are so kind you made my dream come true i was thinking in my mind. i kissed her on her luscious lips , it was my dream to allways kiss her lips , her lips were a desirable part for me , the wrinkles in her lips with juicy looks made me crazy and when i was actually kissing hem i was felling waves inside my body sensations were striking my brain and withing few seconds my manhood was filled fully with blood and but i was enjoying the kiss and the smell of alchol from her breath was also making me more n more crazy she just moved her hands on my back and i was holding her neck and moving other hand in her hairs while kissing her lips, soon i was sucking her lips and she was moving her tounge inside my mouth and at this i just bite on her tounge just to tease her, she moved her tounge i puused my tounge in her mouth i started movoing it inside her mouth, and licking her teeths she hugged me tightly and while rolling my tounge inside her mouth i swallowed evrything she had in her mouth by my tounge, i was getting untorelable and perheps i was about to cum, i also started hugging her and precum was about to shoot , i just moved my self away from her body. she asked me what happned i said nothing. priyanka chopra i love you , she said i am all yours tonight and i am going to make you fell in heaven. i said it semms i am already in heaven with you in bed, WOW. she said and now her facial exppressions were completly changed she was looking horney to me or i was overdoped with her love and beauty that made to to think like that. but no her voice was also getting deeper and sexier, comon baby now lets make it priyanka chopra was asking me to make love with her, i was in 7th heaven allready i said priyanka chopra i love you jaan and i moved my hand inside my sisters pink top she was wearing(she was wearing my sisters clothes) and my tool was just felling the pain it wanted to come out after all it was the best friend of mine and want the pleasure too, to my surprise priyanka chopra just unzip me as i was moving my hand inside her top she took my tool in her hand and as her hand touched it , its made me crazy i just tore her top and she was not wearing anything inside her breats were infront of me but i looked on her breats imidiatly i kissed them, i fell in her arms becuase of and priyanka just moved my head towards her breast she was inviting me to bite her breasts. i started sucking her nipples and chewing them she told me you are making me crazy. i was lost in her soon i moved my eyes on her face actually i donot wanted to miss her face expressions, i started licking her face i was liicking her eyes and then kissed on her nose and started searching some mucous in her nose with my tounge, priyanka told me you are just making me crazy but i like this.i kissed again on her lips and keep presseing her to my chest now i was also bare chest and her breats were touching mine i donot know what i was doing but i was enjoying her. after almost five minutes of kissing i came to senses, now priyanka chopra was showing some aggression and said you wanted to fuck me , do you want to fuck miss world do you want to lick my asre, i was shocked by priyanka using these words but i like that and was getting crazy with her vocal tresure , i said yeah i can do anything for you mam i can lick your pussy and your arsehole. hmms then what are you waiting for she invited me. i just moved her jean and torn her panty and she farted phusss but the smell was just making me crazy i kissed her ass. she said you are so sweet fingure me she insisted me she was sitting in dogy syle and stareted to move my tounge on her ass whole thw smell was still coming but i was trying to put my tounge inside her hole while with other hand i just touched her frontal hole. when was was licking her she  said now its my turn and she just turn arround she just put her sweet fleshy lips on the tips of my dick the felling was awesome my dick started growing and the blood thrust was on peek my heart was bearing so fast she just put my head in her mouth and started rolling her tounge on it it was first time was was doing oral and that was my sweetheart priyanka chopra oh my god my dream girl priyanka chopra is sucking my dick i was thinking in my mind i was trying hard not to cum early but my load was triyng to come out in her mouth and suddenly started more thrust on her head i just hole her hair and started pushing her head to my tool and she keep increaing the pressure on my dick and it becae rock hard inside her i was about to cum and finally i unloaded my self in her mouth , priynaka chopra just swallowed everything and now i relaxed . priyanka said or you just filled my mouth have you not shaged for a long time , i said yes i may be i was waiting for this night i joked , she said hmm so now are you ready to fuck me , yes i said her ,i love you priyanka chopra and i wanted to fuck you right now, oh come aur mujhme sama jao priyanka boli ab bas mere raja mujhse sahan nahi ho raha hain i just cant bear this anymore fuck me , actually she ataretd begging me lisyning these words from her my dick became rock hard once again and i was ready for the next and real session, i put my self on her body started kisiing her allowed her to fell me completly in her and i was felling her inside me i actually canot descibe what i was felling but just allowing what was happning my dick head ring was stucing in her vagina and i was felling he pleasure of her womenhood and she was also enjoying me i was cupping her bowls and she was biting my shoulders my chest and some time my lips that was he mos memoriable experience of my life i finally came insde and her and we both reached our orgams simultaneosly ans we finshed we bot wer kissing each other i didnot moved myself out of her and we jsut kept kissing few minutes .. whaen we came to senses she told me your are a truenlover for me and the priyanka just broke down and i can really see ters coming from her eyes .. i asked her what happned she didnot speak anything

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