Neha Dhupia Chudai Sex Story
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It had been drizzling a little since the last night. Neha Dhupia dressed quickly into a jeans and a tight short shirt. She had a shooting to do in a small countryside some distance away from Mumbai. The schedule was for 11 am and it was already half past ten. She dressed up quick, she knew the shooting wont get stopped for her because she had just a minor role in the movie. If she showed any 'nakhre' she'd be simply kicked out.

So getting out quick she called her driver Prashant and out they rolled. On the road she rolled down the window and was enjoying the drizzle but this drizzle turned out to be very heavy rain as they drove further from the city. After about 15 kilometers the tracks were muddy. There was no proper road. The surrounding looked so monotonous that she rolled up the windows and sighed. She then checked her mobile. The network strength was down. She was reading one of the unread messages when the car slowed down to a halt. The engine was making full sound but the car just wasn't moving.

"Kya hua.?" she asked anxiously
"gaddi kichad me phas gai ma'am."
"Uf kya musibat hai." she slapped the backseat impatiently. "ab kya kare."
"Is kichad se nikalne ke liye to paanch che logon ko dhakka marna hoga. Thodi dur me ek basti hai. Mai wahi ja kar try karta hu."
The rain had slowed down a little as Prashant got out with a plastic bag over his head and strided towards the left direction.

"Damn this fucking rain" she thought to herself. "I'm going to lose this movie as well..." she sighed and then rested back, irritated. A thousand thoughts were running through her mind when she suddenly heard a knock on the car's door.

She slid down the window a little to see a guy drenched totally in rain and all muddy. When the window lowered he said "please barish chutne tak kya ham aapke car me ashra le sakte hai. Ham barish me pura naha gaye..." he was going to say something but when he bowed to the level of window, he saw Neha. An actress! He didn't expect it! And in her tight shirt her tits looked like bursting out! It made him stop momentarily in awe."

Neha made a wry face and said a rude "No" in reply.

The guy walked back to where his two friends were standing. They were local farmers' kids. Instead of running back to their homes they just wanted to have some fun with whoever was in car. And now that they knew there was an actress....They had a change of plan. They discussed it together and jeered.

The one who had originally approached Neha's car, Shankar, went to her again. He tapped on the window. Neha rolled down her window and yelled "Kya hai. Kyu pareshan kar rahe ho. Ek bar kaha na nahi."
"mai to bas ye puch raha tha ki kya aapko koi madad chahiye. Ham apki gadi kichad se nikal sakte hai."

she looked at her suspiciously. Then thought Prashant was gone for a good half hour and not back yet. So she decided to use whatever help she could get. So she softened her voice into that charming coaxing voice actresses use "Acha tum apne doston ko bolo k dhakka maren. Mai engine start karti hu." he smiled and nodded thinking "Dhakka to ham marenge par car ko nahi."

she walked out to get into the driver's seat as the two other guys walked upto the car upon Shankar calling them. The mud was twice as much as ankle deep. She lost her balance and almost tripped down but Shankar caught him. In the process he got to grope her boobs adequately.

"Ap baithiye ma'am. Mai engine sambhalta hu." he said and almost pushed her into the backseat. By now his two friends had got to the car and were smiling. With their gutka smeared teeth they looked evil to her. "ye kya badtamizi hai!" she screamed. But without heeding Shankar pushed her further and he also entered into the car. He opened one of the front doors for his friends.

Neha had guessed their intentions. She was screaming at the top of her lungs. But who'd come to help her in that muddy, low populated area. That too in a torrential rain.

Shankar held her chin up with one hand and slapped her with the other. "Kutiya kan fad dalegi kya." she was pleading "let me go" but without much ado Shankar pinned her down on the seat as his friends watched.

His hands naturally moved towards those two huge bulging melons so clearly outshaped by being pressed against her shirt. He groped at both of the balls for quite sometime while Neha tried her best to get out of his claws.

He opened the top two buttons of her shirt but instead of tearing the shirt apart, he slid in his hands, feeling the warm smooth curvy and well maintained skin of Neha Dhupia. Neha had closed her eyes now and a tear rolled on her cheek.

Shankar's two pals who were already aroused by seeing a partially wet Neha couldn't control anymore while she was being tortured like this before them. Both of them tried to get into the back seat of the car, cramming it. All three of them laughed at it while Neha's tears continued. But none of the trio seemed to mind her sobs. Krishna and Raj, Shankar's friends, had now taken on to themselves to maul the boobs of Neha, so now Shankar slipped himself a bit down south

shankar started with licking the beautiful belly button of Neha which he exposed by slightly raising her shirt. Both Krishna and Raj were at their tasks dutifully too.

After sometime Shankar grew bored of his activity so he started sliding his hands inside Neha's jeans. This provoked a violent attempts at getting away by Neha who had been just lying inert for some moment. Incidentally one her kicks landed on Krishna's balls who had been leaning over near her feet.

He held his balls and groaned in pain for sometime. He then screamed all of a sudden "Is randi ko to....". His voice reeked anger. He jumped at Neha again and loosened her button and started pulling it off. She tried her best to prevent it by shaking her legs vehemently cause she knew, there'd be no hope for her once her pants get off. She had initially hoped about Prashant returning...But with the rain increasing violently, as was evident from the pitter patter of drops against the glass window, it slowly faded away.

But how could she, a frail actress prevent a muscular, 19 year old farmer lad to have his way? He finally got rid of her jeans. He was really mesmerized by her milky white plump thighs and red panties. He looked up just in time to see that krishna had almost ripped her shirt off, sending the buttons flying off.

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RE: Neha Dhupia Chudai Sex Story
So they got down on her tits over the black bra and he got the vertical smile. Fair share he thought as he started licking the inner thigh. He slowly moved up to her panties, then licked it all over. He slid her panties to one side to explore her honeycomb. He had never before seen a pussy before except in pornos. He was so dumbfounded he just stared at it for sometime.

That was when Krishna turned aside to look at him and laughed "Abe kya bas dekhta hi rahega?" Shankar looked up to find Neha totally topless now, Raj was sucking at her right tit. Her left tit stood with all its glory with the pinkish brown nipple swelled with bites and the white tit itself red with all the mauling it got.

"Are kar raha hu na." he stammered out. Then got back to her vagina. He first inserted a finger into it. It sent a chilling sensation down Neha's spine. She moaned slowly. Raj said viciously "Saali randi ko maza aa raha hai. Dekh to kaise sisak rahi hai." he then held her hair and lifted her head by it to kiss her cheeks and lovely lips. krishna was back at work on doing more research work on Neha's nipples.

Meanwhile shankar tried putting in two fingers then three. He exclaimed "Saali sach me puri randi hai. Iska chhed to dekho, kitna dheela ho chuka. Bhen ki lodi, roj kitno ka leti hai chut me?" raj laughed and said "zara chakh kar to bata randi ka swad kaisa hai."

Shankar now pulled down her panties and started a tongue fuck session. This really made Neha ecstatic. She sure didn't like it. But her body responded naturally to the intense arousing actions. She moaned loud. Raj nearly burst with laughter "saali sab actress itni chinal hoti hai. Par bahar se aise nakhre dikhati hai ki sab ki sab sati savitri ho."

after some nice and hard tongue fuck with more arousals from Raj and Krishna's actions Neha cummed finally. She let out a gush of that feminine juice in a rare spectre that is female orgasm. Neha indeed used to take pleasure in the fact that she squirted which so much satisfied his partners. But Not today. The bitch was getting rammed hard.

krishna was now too excited to hold himself any further. He quickly flung out all his clothes and cried at shankar "Ab meri bari. Mera lund itne jor se fadak raha hai ki jo mile use chod dalega. Chal hat ja."

Shankar laughed and walked to the other end to Raj who still seemed unsatisfied with his explorings of Neha's top part and continued pressing pinching licking sucking her every conceivable parts.

"Randi tune kai lundo se chudaya hoga par ye lund teri sare nakhre nikal dega" Krishna proclaimed as he tried to find a comfortable position to put his sword in. The words had an effect on Neha. She'd only been sobbing till now with eyes closed and cursing the bad day and weather. But now she opened her eyes to dimly see a figure bending over her with a dick well endowed. She guessed it must be a 9" long and 2" thick cock. 2"! She freaked out and started screaming again, pleading to leave her in the name of God and then swearing that she'd get the police to catch all three of them and send them to jail.

Krishna seemed to take no notice of this. But shankar who really hated all this noise slapped her hard across the face "Itna rona chillana kyu be randi. Ye to tera roj ka business hai. Ab chup v ho ja." but Neha was so sacred of being fucked by a stranger that she kept shouting. "Ab to saala mujhe hi kuch karna padega." Shankar murmured to himself.

He unzipped his pant and pulled out his 8.5" dick already standing at attention. He shoved it up the mouth of an unsuspecting Neha who almost choked on it.

Her cries were shut down with that huge banana up in her mouth. She tried to move, to get rid of it. But Raj was still over her, holding her hands. And then came a sharp from from below. krishna was getting inside her hole. Even with that dick in mouth she let out a mumbled cry while Raj jeered at Krishna "Abe kam se kam condom to laga leta. Pata nahi kis kis ka leti hai. Kya jane saali rand ko koi bimari ho.", rubbing salt on her already injured self respect.

Her attempt to scream an tries to breath were only more exciting for Shankar's dick. He could hold no more and sat on her chest with his wand still inside its rightful place. He then caught her now unkempt hair and made her deep throat and gag on it.

On the other hand, with all the foreplay Krishna had had, he was shoving his lund into her chut real fast. So ecstatic was he that his fast pushes didn't penetrate too deep. But the feel of that juicy smooth pussy, and the silky feel of small stubs of pussy hair made him feel like being in seventh heaven.

With all that fast humping, krishna came in a matter of just over ten minutes, collapsing there. But Shankar was having a fun of a lifetime having his dick in the mouth of a pretty bitch who he had only seen in movies and fantasized.

All this while Raj was still amusing himself with those two awesome tits like a boob maniac that he was. After ten minutes more shankar started crying out ecstatically as the pressure built up inside his balls "Ye le randi, ye le. Chus mera lawda, pee ja mera pani. Ah ah..." and he came in her sweet mouth. She was trying to throw up but shankar kept his private in that position and also closed her nostrils with his hands, making her drink each drop of her cum. Only then he let go.

By now Raj was getting ready for his share of the booty, literally. He really wanted the booty, as thats what fancied and appealed him most from porno movies. He stripped and told his buddies "saali ko thoda uthao to. Mai v dekhu kitna tight hai randi ka."

neha opened her eyes apprehensively to find herself up in air, lifted by legs and hand. But the sight that frightened her most was that saliva covered 11" monster. She was then lowered on Raj. "please itna bada mat dalo. Meri chut fat jayegi." she begged. "chut me nahi dalunga rani. Teri chut to abhi shankar marega. Mai to teri pyaari pyaari tight kunwari gaand lunga."

her breath stopped for a moment. But she didn't get much time as krishna's dick, all covered with his own cum and her pussy juice went into his her slender mouth. But that was nothing compared to what happened a moment later.

Raj was indeed shoving his cock into her virgin anal hole. The pain was unbearable but even her screams turned to mutters with another monster playing with his tongue. She was crying...Crying like a kid. But she recieved no sympathy rather more meat up her ass. Then in went shankar's whole length of penis inside her pussy. Krishna had fucked her alright, but not that deep. His dick hit that sweet g spot.

She was really aroused for another time. She was feeling guilty, like a shameless brazen cheap two bit whore for taking pleasure at her own rape even though she knew she had little control over it. The morality bit her deep. She started thinking about the first days as actress when she started having sex with directors. Or even back when she had to give blow jobs to the judges of that damned miss universe contest to win. She cursed her for ever entering the glam industry.
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RE: Neha Dhupia Chudai Sex Story
As thoughts raced in her mind, the dicks also raced in her holes. A triple penetration of a bollywood actress! That thought itself was driving shankar so ecstatic. But his pumpings were still very accurate, burying his whole length before drawing out. And on the lower front, Raj was totally anal-yizing her while still continuing to taunt her left nipple.

In ten minutes more, both shankar and krishna came one another. After a little rest, they swapped places after smiling at Raj for working at his anal-yis so thoroughly as if he wished to write a nobel prize winning thesis on torturing celebrity tits and asses.

So they had another go at Neha, who by now was totally tired with all this hard fucking and crying had been lying totally inert. Krishna stammered out "abe saali mar gayi kya." "abe kuch nahi hua he. Ye dekh." said Raj from below and reached for her left nipple from the side. He took it in his mouth and bit it so sharply and viciously with his canine that Neha screamed, even though that turned into a low moan with her exhausted energies and a fat dick enjoying her warm mouth and slippery saliva. Raj laughed and started pumping harder.

The rain was getting slower. And so were the strokes of krishna and shankar. They came once more and decided to call it off for some time. They dressed up and walked outside while Raj still continued enjoying that piece of celebrity ass. Neha was just lying atop her inertly like a mechanical doll. Krishna lighted a bidi saying "saali kya chinal maal mili hai. Aaj to lund pura saant ho gaya. Aisi randiya apne gaon me hoti to maza aa jata." shankar laughed and asked him for a bidi too "din me sapne dekhne band kar. Gaon ki wo badsurat kali kaluti ladkiya aur ye gori chitti dudh ki dhuli raand."

by now raj has already filled her ass upto the brim with his manly juices. Now he also felt like pissing. And he had another devilish plan. He got out from under her, and opened her pussy lips and pissed inside it, then all over her body wetting the car and then in her mouth and nose. The warm water sure waked Neha up but she had neither the energy nor the will to protest. She just let happen whatever was going on.

Raj was again having a hard on looking at her standing nipples, all wet in his yellow ripples and was thinking about titty fucking her while he heard shankar shouting "Abe raj jaldi aa. Idhar kuch log aa rahe hai." so he dressed hastily and was almost going to run when Neha's bra lying on front seat caught his sight. A mischievous smille came on his face. He collected her bra, panty and jeans and was looking for the shirt while shankar called "abe tujhe nahi aana hai to nahi. Ham patli gali se nikle." "aaya" called out raj and out he ran to his buddies.

They ran in the other direction to take another route to their village. When shankar saw what raj had bought, he said "ye kya?" and raj smiled as they ran "inhe sungh kar kabhi kabhi Neha ki muth mar liya karunga." they laughed as they fled the sight.

The approaching people were indeed Prashant and the people he had brought along. Seeing the car door ajar, he called out "Ma'am barish itni tej thi ki koi aane ko raji nahi tha. So thodi der ho gayi." but they got no reply. When prashant and the four people he had brought rushed over they found Neha lying all nude half inconscious.

prashant was a real smart cookie. He knew how to hush up the affairs. They wrapped Neha in a blanket that was in the car, and got the car out. He then convinced the four guys to come with them which they did. Once back in Mumbai when Neha regained consciousness she rather preferred to keep quiet and hush it up by paying those four guys some good amount rather than making it formal and public and jeopardizing her public image. We hear the faithful prashant also received some extra special bonus.....Maybe that'd make another story.

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