Jyotika's "Lessons of Kamasutra"
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Lightbulb  Jyotika's "Lessons of Kamasutra"
Once jyotika went on a holiday trip to America. She preferred to stay in a house on rent than a five star hotel. So took a house on rent near a posh location of city. Near her house she had a neighbor who knew that who she is. Surprisingly he was a big fan of jothika, despite of being an American. When he heard and saw jothika in her neighborhood so he came to meet her. They both met and interacted with each other. Jothika got very happy by knowing that he watches Indian cinema and as well he is a great fan of her. They both talked to each other about many things from India to indian kamasutra. During their talk about kamasutra that man told jothika about his one bizaare problem, he told that his 27 years old son is still a virgin which is a very rare thing in American culture. He also said that his son is also very fascinated about Indian mature women and kamasutra and he wants to be do his first sex with an Indian woman only. Because of his this weird wish he is virgin till yet as here he is not getting any Indian woman or sexworker to complete his idiotic wish. even he is not getting ready for his marriage.
When jothika heard this and then she promised him that he will try to convince his son to forget about his idiotic wish and to know the real facts. She asked the man to come next day with his son to meet her and she will talk to him.
That same afternoon Jothika's husband called her and told her that he cannot come on next day as his scheduled flight got delayed by 24 hours because of bad weather. So he will join her after two days.

In afternoon Jothika decided to go for shopping. she went to a mall for a shopping, she decided that she would buy some western outfits. while roaming in mall she found a dress very attractive, in display of a shop . she bought that western dress for her. she went to trial room and changed to new dress. after shopping she came back to her house. Jothika saw herself in mirror in that dress and she felt very happy.

on other side a young guy saw jothika while she was entering to her house and he found this lady very hot who he has seen her for very first time in his neighborhood. He saw jothika in that western dress from sidewise and her backside. he found that the lady is wearing that shirt and skirt perfectly fit and a little tight. Her Breast's and her butts' shape were perfecly visible in that dress. Then, that guy followed her. he went at back side of the house at found the window-curtain of bedrooms at kept half open. he stood there and started waiting for a look of that hot lady.
Jothika came to bedroom, and as started removing her clothes to change. Then, the guy hiding outside of the window saw that a beautiful indian milf lady came inside to bedroom. she had some shopping bags which she kept on a side of her bed. he saw that that lady has wore a sexy tight silver grey color shirt through which his breast shape were popping out. at bottom it was black skirt and on her legs she had wore a pair of black color stockings. that guy felt erotic, by watching secretively such a hot figure.

he saw that she is opening the buttons of her shirt. when she started opening her shirt's first button here this guy was felt the hotness inside of her pant also. here jothika was opening her third button, but that button came out of the shirt because of the pressure of her big breast and with button her breast almost came out of her shirt. she sat down on bed to find that button. when she bent for picking up the button her breast curves were visible. it was telling that how big round breast she has.

she found the button and kept it on dressing table. after that she stood up and pulled down her black skirt and kept it on bed. now, she had panty hidden behind her opened shirt and her black stockings left at her bottom part.
Then she opened all remainings buttons of her shirt. she had wore a black bra beneath of her shirt. here that guy was feeling highly exciting while watching a live hot strip show by hot indian milf. he felt like he should press those boobs of her or else he should stripoff that black bra right now and suck her hot nipples. then, on other side of window jothika removed her shirt and kept it on bed.

After removing her shirt, she started removing her black bra. Here, this guy felt his dick getting wet and harder with every piece of cloth coming out of her body. now he did not bothered about anything and started staring at her directly through glass. he was getting desperate to see her big round breasts. here jothika removed her bra and threw it on the dressing table.

After removing her bra, she now started removing her black panty. she pulled her panty little down then suddenly she felt like someone is watching her while changing her cloths behind the window. she stopped for a moment and when she turned her head towards window, she found that a young guy outside of window glass who was staring at her vagina.

suddenly jothika got goosebumps and she felt little shy and awkward. she shouted hey!! you!!. when she shouted that guy heard her voice and he thought he should run away right now. so he ran away. jothika pulled up her panty and took her shirt from the bed and hide her breast with that shirt and ran toward window. when she went near window she saw... that young guy ran away and jumped to other side of garden. then, he entered in the house of neighborhood. When Jothika saw carefully she found it is the house of same man who came to meet her today. Jothika understood that the young guy was the son of that man and he is really so desperate that after hearing from his father about me. so, he came to see me and found me naked while changing. Jothika got angry and at that moment she decided that she will help that man and teach his son some real lessons... 


05-18-2014, 06:41 PM,
RE: Jyotika's "Lessons of Kamasutra"
Next day, when that man came with his son, and he rang the doorbell. For few minutes there was no response and no body opened the door. He thought he should ring the bell again but suddenly door got opened and his eyes got a surprise on the door. He saw Jothika is in a single piece silky pink floral night gown with pink high heel sandals. He was totally surprised by her this avatar. on the other side his son was feeling his dick getting harder after looking at jothika. Then, Jothika invited both of them to inside of door. When that man introduced his son to her..."Jothika mam he is my son "Sam". then jothika suddenly pulled his son "sam" by his t-shirt and asked her that he was the one who was at the window last evening. I know you are very much fascinated about Indian women but watching over Internet and the realy are different. But don't worry as i promised your father so I will help you to understand indian woman better.

Sam's father wanted to say something but Jothika stopped her in between and asked her to leave. she said i want to talk to sam in private, so please you leave. Jothika told Sam's father that "you go! i will take care of him".
Sam's father left and jothika asked sam to sit. then also sat on sofa and asked her about last evenings' incident. but sam was unable to speak he started stuttering. when jothika saw her stuttering she thought he got nervous about yesterday's incident thats why he doesnot want to speak.
so jothika said "its ok. i know you have fantasies with indian woman and you want to fuck also a indian women for your first time sex. so i think i can help you. so here it is...i am an indian milf, i am having a hot body, big round breasts and a deep vagina. ok i will help you to complete your wish but remember after that you have to get married.
sam wanted to speak something but his was unable to speak.
then, jothika stood up and removed her gown over her breast and showed the sam her big breast and asked do you wish for breasts like this.
you wanted to see a real indian beauty na...so see my boobs, they are big, round and have tasty nipples.

then, jothika sat down on sofa and opened her gown and showed him her both big round boobs. here when sam saw this his dick became full harder within seconds. he stoodup in pain as he was feeling his underwear getting tighter and tighter from when he saw her in that gown. suddenly sam's dad also came in and saw jothika's hot boobs out of her gown and his dick also became hard within seconds. as doctor adviced him not to do sex for more than once a week because he was having some health issues so as he had sex last night with his wife so, he asked for excuse and left her house at the same moment. becasue it was getting difficult for him to stay there even for a minute with such a hot beauty without clothes.

Then, Jothika removed her whole gown and kept it on sofa. then she stoodup and went to her room and brought a plastic sex toy. it was a artificial big black dick. Jothika told sam that her husband's cock is of this size and so she like this top very much because it reminds her about husband's real dick and she enjoy with it when he is out of house for his work. then she took out a little white bottle of lubricant. she poured few drops of that oil on that toy and then said to sam that why she is doing this. she told him that "a lubricant makes easy for big dick during insertion as well it gives her more fun. and you should also do same while doing sex with any milf.

Then, Jothika started inserting that toy inside her vagina slowly n slowly. and told sam that "you should start a little slow." then she increased her speed and said"now, slowly slowly you should increase the speed for more n more fun."

see how much i am enjoying...!! and this is modern kamasutra. you got it...!!
now i think you should try these steps on me with your cock, and we should do it before you erect in your pant itself. so you don't need this lubricant because already i am lubricated so, you do what i did with this sex-toy and start doing these steps with me. sam heard these words and he felt like he is day dreaming. so pinched himself and get nude by removing her cloths. at last when he removed his underwear he saw his dick is big like that toy and it stoodup hard. he made it hurry and went close to jothika and finally inserted his dick inside her vagina. after his insertion he felt like he is having the best time of his life at this moment. he felt like he should start fucking her hard at the same moment but as per instruction of jothika he increased the speed slowly-slowly and fucked jothika till just before his erection.

after his erection, jothika told her to go to other washroom of the house and clean himself. she said "ok! after that meet me in garden". after telling this jothika also left for washroom and took a bath.
here when sam reached in garden. he found jothika in a blue saree. jothika told him that "see! you fascinate about kamasutra girls right? then. see this is how indian women seduce their men just only in saree and how they shoe their assets with this half naked attire.

after that jothika went to her bedroom to change her dress and here sam left for his home. when jothika came back she found a note on the table. it was written by sam.
sam wrote: "Thankyou mam for this wonderful time with you, actually i wanted to say you something from the very begining we met. i was not nervous actually i stutter. so thats why i could not speak a single word during this whole time. me and my father wanted to tell you that i am not the guy my father talked about. actually i am his elder brother. he was the one who saw you while changing. and he inforned me and thats why i and my father came to ask sorry for that. but you didn't hear us.
so, i am extremely sorry from his side. and thankyou for everyting.
with love.....SAM"

05-18-2014, 06:41 PM,
RE: Jyotika's "Lessons of Kamasutra"

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RE: Jyotika's "Lessons of Kamasutra"

05-18-2014, 06:42 PM,
RE: Jyotika's "Lessons of Kamasutra"


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