Asin Sex Story in Tamil and English
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Heart  Asin Sex Story in Tamil and English
Asin Srilamka la iruka. Last day. So she is camping in a forest. Along with her
dad. The place where they are camping is so beautiful with trees and waters around.Asin is wearing a long white skirt. And a t-shirt. Her dad is wearing shorts and t-shirt. Asin dad plucks mango from a tree near-by. Asin andha mango ellathayum thanoda skirt la pottukura. Skirt-a ava knees mela thooki iruka. oru ten mangoes edutha apromrendu perum campukku varranga. Asin skirt-a thooki piduchu kitte varra. Ava appa mangoes-a ava skirt la irundhu edukurraru. Since it's a white skirt, athu azhukaaiduthu. Asin wants to change her skirt. Dad tells her to wash it down by the waters. But Asin wants to eat mangoes. So her dad says he will cut and give her mangoes when she's washing. So both go to waters.

Asin selects a rock and sits on it. Her dad sits next to her. First appa oru mango piece-a asinku ooti viduraru. She figures that she has to remove her skirt to wash it. But the rock is too hot to sit without skirt. So asin decides to sit on his lap. Asin ezhundhu ninnu skirt-a remove panra. Ulla red panty potturuka. Appa kaal rendayum thonga vittu ukkandhu irukkaru. Asin ava buttocks-a avar madila vaikura.

Now Asin gets mango piece. Appa ava idupa nalla pudichukurar,so that she won't fall down. Aprom ava kuninju ava skirt-a wash panra. Appo ava jatti light-a keela eranguthu. Her dad sees a bit of her ass crack. Atha pathutu avar ava idupa nalla amukurar. Ava amukama pidikka solra. Wash pannitu ezhundhu nikkura. Ava t-shirt thoppul vara thaan iruku. so red panty nalla theiyudhu.

Asin kaila wash panna skirt oda nikkura. Appa oru kaila mango vachurukara, so he can't stand up on the rock. so, asin thodaila oru kaiya vachu pudichu ezhundhurikuraru. Aprom asin oru peice mango vaangi sapidra. Saptitutu kaiya ah pannanumnu solra. Appa ippo thaan wash pannathu podumnu solli ava fingers ah lick panraru. nalla anju verlayum sappuraru. aprom asin kaiya appa t-shirt la thodaikura.

Asin ava skirt-a tent mela kaaya podra. Then Asin tentku ulla poi ukkandhukra. Appa avala veliya koopirar. Asin panty oda veliya romba neram nikka vekkama irukunu solra. Athuku appa solrar avar mattum thaan avala pakka mudiyum. No one else is here nu. So asin and her dad decides to play volley ball for sometime. They play only for ten mins but both become so tired. Asin sweat la ava t-shirt nalla eeramaiduchu. Time is also 6 pm. So they go into the tent. Asin t-shirt pottu kitte ulla kaiya vittu removes her bra. Her dad also removes his shirt. They have the remaining mangoes as dinner. They go to sleep by 7 pm so that they can wake up early. There is only one mosquito net. They have to share it. Asin apdiye t-shirt, panty oda padukkra. Her dad wears only jatti. Night oru 2 o' clock irukum. Asinnukku onnukku varthu. She wakes her dad up. He tells her not to go near tent as it might smell urine and they can't sleep and asks her to pee at some distance. But asinku bayama iruku. So her dad also goes with her. Her dad is holding a flash light. And they find some grass to do it. But asin is too scared to squat and pee. Her dad asks her to pee standing which asin hasn't done before. Before removing her panty asin wants her dad to switch off the flash light. Then asin removes her red panty and gives it to her dad. Asin keeps her legs apart and stands. Her dad can her silhoute only. Asin starts peeing. Her dad hears sound for 5 secs. Then no sound but asin is still standin with her legs apart. He asks her what she's doing. She says her pee is running down her thighs like a river and that's why no sound. Finally she finishes peeing. And walks without panty behind her dad who now has switched on the flash light. He gets her a towel and goes inside. Asin washes her thighs with drinking water and dries it with towel.

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RE: Asin Sex Story in Tamil and English
Asin wash pannitu appa va koopidra but no response from him. Tent ulla pakkura. Her dad is asleep! Her panty is with him! Asin can't search her bags also as it's too dark and she doesn't wanna wake him up. Also she can't sleep half naked next to her dad. So she thinks. And remembers that her skirt is on the tent. So she goes pick it up and wears it and sleeps. Her dad wakes up at 5 pm and finishes his morning duty and comes back to tent by 5.30. Asin innum thoongura. So he wakes her up and asks her to finish her morning duty and in the mean time he'll prepare coffee. Asin picks up some tissue papers and go into woods. Her dad kiddingly asks to do everything in squat position unlike the night. Asin laughs and goes. Asin selects a rock and removes her skirt and gets half naked again. She then takes a dump behind the rock and uses tissues to wipe her ass. And wears skirt again. When she return backs to the tent, her dad is waiting for her with coffee. She sits on the ground next to her dad and drinks coffee. Her dad asks her if she wants to wear her panty. She says she can wear after bathe. So they decide to take bathe in the river. Its depth is only 3.5 feet. Her dad crosses the river and goes to the other side, asin stays this side. Both have their backs to each other so that they can't see each other. Her dad gets naked and jumps in. Asin removes her t-shirt first. She has perfect 32 C boobs. And she gets rid off her skirt also, jumps in. Now also both have their back to each other. Water is upto asin's navel. Asin washes her boobs by taking water in her hands. But it's difficult to wash her back. So she calls her dad for help. Asin rendu kaiyayum vachu ava boobs-a marachukittu shows her back to her dad. Avar mudhugu thechu vidrar.

Appa nalla ava neck la irundhe mudhugu mudiyura vara nalla thechu vidrar. Valu valu nu iruku ava mudhugu. Aprom appa avala avar mudhuga thechu vida solrar. Asin avara thirumbi nikka solra. Aproma asin thirumbura. Ippo ava boobs la irundhu kaiya eduthudra. Nipples nalla (  ) verachu nikkuthu. Appa mudhugu fulla mudiya iruku. Appa konjam tall-a irukuruthunaala avaroda ass crack starting kooda theriyudhu. Asin avar mudhugu pakathula poi nikkura. Boobs idikkama nikkura. Aprom thechu vidra. 

Asin thechu vitta aprom ava thirumbi ava kulicha place ku vara.... appa va thirumbiye nikka sollitu... asin water la irundhu veliya vara... ava body la irundhu water drop drop ah kottuthu... vekama vandhu towel-a eduthu kattikura... towel ava boobs la irundhu thighs vara cover pannuthu... light ah ava cleavage theriyudhu... now she asks her dad to turn back... but he's also naked under water... and towel is on the side where asin is. so h asks her not to look back and gets out of water. avaroda cock la irundhum thanni sottudhu.... he then wears his towel around his waist... but rendu perum innum avunga body ah dry pannala....rendu perum tent ku poraanga.. then only they realize there are only two towels and both of them are wet. then her dad says they can use his towel as it's not wet full as hers. so he asks asin to go inside and removes his towel and throws it inside. he stands out there naked. Asin, inside tent gets naked and dries her body. Then asin finds a panty, bra and he t-shirt and wears them. now she comes out with the towel. Sees her dad's back and ass and looking down at ground, she calls him and give him the towel. he then quickly dries his body and comes in with the towel around his waist. now asin is searching for a jean to wear.
Asin is sitting in a seiza position. He picks his underwear and goes outside. asin says it's okay for her and he can stay. so he comes in and showing his back to her, he wears the underwear. and now he turn back. he has a hairy chest. asin loves it very much. he asks her what she's dong. asin says she's confused whether to wear a denim short or a jean. he tells her to wear which is more comfortable for her.
10-23-2014, 12:30 PM,
RE: Asin Sex Story in Tamil and English
Asin innaiku enna panna poromnu appa ta kekura. He says they are going for a hike. Asin confused again, asks her dad what he's going to wear. he smiles and say shorts. So asin also decides to wear denim shorts. Her dad also wears his dresses and they both have breakfast. Bread toast. And they go for hiking. They plan to reach the top of a small mountain before lunch and have lunch there and return by evening. All is going well until asin accidentally places her right hand on a thorn tree. Four fingers (except thumb) are hurt. Her dad dresses her finger injury and ties all four fingers together. And they reach the lunch place. They both sit on grass and have their lunch. Only apples. Asin's tired, so she's lying on his lap. He has kept all the apples on asin's tummy. He cuts and gives one to asin's mouth and has one himself. Asin takes a nap on his lap. After sometime they begin to descend down. After halfway is crossed, Asin feels an urge to piss. But she can't open her fly in the shorts by herself as her right hand is injured. This slows her down. He asks her what's wrong and she keeps her left hand on her groin and says it's urgent. He asks her to go but she says she cant undone her shorts by herself. So he comes near her and open th button and unzips her shorts. Asin asks him to remove it completely so that it will be comfortable for her. So he pulls her shorts down. She's wearing a black panty. After her dad has pulled her shorts out of her legs she goes behind a tree. she pulls down her panty fully under her knees using only left hand. then she squats and pees. She pees for about 30 seconds and keeps sitting until every drop is out of her pussy. After a minute she gets up and pulls up her panty and comes out. She tells her dad that she doesn't want to wear her shorts as only he's around and almost half way is crossed and also getting in that is difficult. Saying this she starts walking down, her dad from behind an notice that she hasn't pulled up her panty as he can see part of her left bum. milky bum. But as she walks it gets in position. Finally thy reach their camp. Asin sits on grass with only panty. He says they should change her dressing on fingers as it was made temporary. He dresses her injury properly and with new cloth. It was getting dark, so they decide to have dinner quickly and get to sleep. After dinner, asin drinks little amount of water only. Her dad asks her to drink more but asin says then she might have to pee in the midnight because they are going to bed early. He asks her to pee now itself but she says she doesn't have to pee now. Then her dad asks her to wake him up in the night if she wants to go. Asin sleeps sans bra but with t shirt. Now she cant get rid of her bra on her own. So she lefts her t-shirt in the back and asks her dad to unhook it. He does and she removes her bra without removing her tshirt. And now they both get into the mosquito net. Around 2 o' clock asin feels like she has to pee. Before waking him she removes her black panty as it will be difficult to remove it in dark outside. Now asin, bottomless, standing, bends her back and wakes her dad up. He gets up and takes a flash light. Asin walks behind him as she's bottomless. They go to a tree little away from the tent. Her dad shows the place where she can pee and switches off the light. Asin, again afraid to squat at night, pees standing. Peeing sound comes for only seconds again and then her pee runs down her thighs. After completing asin walks behind him with wet thighs and legs.
10-23-2014, 12:30 PM,
RE: Asin Sex Story in Tamil and English
Asin kneels down near her dad and looks for the flash light. She finds it near his head. She then turns it on and look for her panty inside the mosquito net. She can't find it. She keeps searching and finally finds it under pillow. She can't take it without waking her dad up. So asin sits there bottomless on her place. She thinks of getting something to wear from her bag, but tht would make noise and also she feels sleepy. So she finds nothing harm in sleeping bottomless as only her dad is next to her. So she decides to go to sleep and sleeps facing down and her back on the top. She wants to wake up early before her does. But in the morning she's sound asleep and her dad wakes up first!! He gets up and finds asin sleeping bottomless. He can see her nice, soft buttocks. He doesn't wanna disturb her and goes out to finish his duties. He then makes two cups of coffee and comes inside the tent and asin is still sleeping showing her butt. He then sits near her and decides to make some fun of her. He brings one of the coffee mug and places it on the side of her left buttocks. And quickly takes it back. Asin felt something and rubs her butt in sleep. Next times asin lifts her head and looks back. She finds her dad and smiles and asks him not to play and keeps her both hands on buttocks. 

Even after she covered her buttocks with hand, her butt crack is clearly visible. So her dad takes out the spoon he used to stir coffee and places it in her crack. That is little bit hot and asin reacts immediately. Saying "ooohhhhh" and takes out the spoon outta her crack and rubs between her buttocks with her fingers. Her dad laughs.

After getting rid of the spoon between her ass crack, asin gets up and sits with her bare ass showing her back to dad. Since she was lying on her belly, she lifts her t-shirt up and dusts away her stomach and pubes. Her dad can only see her back. After that she gets up and goes to where her bag is. Now her dad can see her whole legs and bottom of her buttocks. Asin sits in squatting position with her bac to her dad and goes through her bag. Picks up a towel and wears it around her waist. She also gets her tooth brush and tells her dad that she will be back soon.

Asin goes to behind a rock, removes the towel and puts it over the rock. She pisses and then comes over to the rock and sits over the towel on rock and brushes her teeth. Then she again goes behind and shits, cleans and wears the towel back and comes back to tent. By this time, her dad has made coffee for her.

(tamil conversation)
Dad: Ennama romba suttudha?
Asin: Edhu?
Dad: Na nee paduthu irukum pothu pannathu.
Asin: Cha. Illa pa. Onnum pannala.
Dad: Sevandhu poiruka?
Asin: Edhu?
Dad: Nee ukkarra edam.
Asin: Illa pa, onnum panla. It was fun.
Dad: Chummave sevandhu poithaan irukum.
Asin: Cheee, poanga pa.

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